Monday, 26 May 2014

He-Man's Ancestor kicks ass in 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' #13 [preview]

The cover promises "The Origin of She-Ra", showcases King Grayskull and leans to a prelude about "The Blood of Grayskull".

What more can you ask? -Well, let's see what the preview-pages tell...

Listen, if you didn't know there was even a He-Man comic book, and wonder where to jump in. This would be a good spot. Especially if you are impatient to see She-Ra already in the comic. She is on her way.

If you are familiar with the current series, you already know that He-Man's gotten couple armor-changes along the way, faced Superman and the Justice League, plus dealt with the three main villains in previous story-arcs.

AND to throw on all of that, Adora with a more explored darker past on her journey to becoming She-Ra! 

Well now begins a New story-arc. :)
Starting with He-Man's ancestor 1'000 years ago.  

Read the description below and view the Preview-pages as well:

Before a new adventure begins, take a journey back 1,000 years to the reign of King Grayskull. Newly victorious over Hordak, it is a time of great victory and celebration for the King and Castle Grayskull stands in all of its regal glory. But an ominous prophecy weighs upon the crown, and sinister forces are already at work to see that it comes true.
Written by Dan Abnett and art by Pop Mhan, issue #13 comes out on May 28th.

You can get the comic from your local comic-book store or comixology!

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  1. This looks great, I just hope its not all King Grayskull and no She-Ra/Adora