Friday, 20 June 2014

He-Man is on the hunt for Adora in 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' #14 [preview]

Prelude last month has come and gone! Now we kick off with "The Blood of Grayskull" - part 1.

Saryn is on the run after the events from last issue. Take a look what the previews have in store...

So the big thing for some people was that previous issue had "Origin of She-Ra" on the cover but it didn't showcase her. Well this is where things start rolling more, and aren't you glad you read Issue #13 or you would be totally confused about this blue female gar running around?

What's that? You haven't read issue #13?

Then go get it. From your local comic book store or download it from comixology. ;)

It seems Adora has a map that she is following. To "forbidden Anwat-Gar", and having nightmares about ancient times.

Check out the solicitation-info and preview pages below!

A new chapter is dawning in Eternia as “THE BLOOD OF GREYSKULL” begins! As an ancient evil from Eternia’s past returns, Princess Adora must continue on her road to redemption. But when she is confronted with tragic news by her brother He-Man, brother and sister must unite to fight against The Horde and find the secrets of the Greyskull legacy.

Written by Dan Abnett and art by Pop Mhan, issue #14 comes out on June 25th.

Get the issue on June 25th from your local comic book store or download digital version from comixology!

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