Thursday, 27 August 2015

He-Man The Eternity War Broke a MOTU (US) Record

Just what is the significance of He-Man The Eternity War series from DC Comics?

Alright, so anyone who has read issue #9 of He-Man The Eternity War from DC Comics will tell you that the comic has some pretty wicked twists in the story by Rob David and scripts by Dan Abnett.
The maxi-series He-Man The Eternity War followed in the footsteps of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe comic series from 2012 — just with a new title and new issue #1.

But its all one big story in the end as Eternity War has shown us, tying many elements back to the first mini-series. (though the less spoken about that, the better as I see it)

The real issue here is, that while Masters of the Universe has had comics and minicomics released starting in the 80s, they've never lasted too long.
This is somewhat understandable as He-Man is a licensed comic property from Mattel. Being in existence many times to serve as a type of media tie-in or advertisement for the toys that began it all. So unless there is a toyline that needs stories fleshed out, there is no need for comic issues. Making the significance of ETERNITY WAR all the more bigger...

Crunching some quick numbers for most comic issues, we have in the States:
  • Masters of the Universe (mini comics) — 49 issues
  • Masters of the Universe (Image/CrossGen/MVCreations) — 32 issues
  • Masters of the Universe (STAR/Marvel) —  13 issues

As of right now, He-Man The Eternity War
has the most comic issues for MOTU in US 
with issue #9 already being 51st (including crossovers, origins, digitals).

And that is worth celebrating. Considering that during this time the comic has been going on, there hasn't been any movie or cartoon for a more broader public out there. Just an online-only collector's toyline. Though some of the Masters of the Universe Classics elements can be found in the DC issues, they clearly are their own take on the entire mythos.

The stories in this canon for Masters of the Universe are fascinating, with Eternity War truly being an epic tale. 

Here's hoping for plenty more comic issues to come for our heroes and villains on Eternia and Etheria. Perhaps even beating the UK Comics which have over 72 comic issues. ;)

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