Tuesday, 15 December 2015

No He-Man the Eternity War issue 16 coming. So what does that mean for the comic?

The solicitations for March 2016 from DC Comics titles have been released. And there is no mention of He-Man the Eternity War for issue #16. [source]

Issue #15 looks like is the end of that specific storyarc and as of now we don't have any official word what the future holds for the He-Man and She-Ra's comic adventures.

We will Interview Mattel head writer Rob David soon after the new year begins on his thoughts about the conclusion of Eternity War story. And if by then there has been no updated official info, ask about the plans with MOTU in comic-form or otherwise.

In the meantime its going to be exciting to see how Eternity War will conclude its story!

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