Sunday, 21 February 2016

Page-spread of Silhouette Characters by Pop!

After seeing the preview pages for upcoming issue #15 of He-Man the Eternity War (out on Feb 24th, 2016), fans were puzzled by some of the characters seen only in silhouette.

Artist Pop Mhan graciously has shared the B&W illustration for the page-spread unlettered so we can get a proper glimpse of the art.

Some characters are easier to recognize on what appears to be Orko, Stratos, Sy-Klone, Fisto and Buzz-Off.  And at the bottom-right Roboto (what looks possibly to be from movie concept design as seen in Art of He-Man book... especially since he has the hammer on his hand) and on that note at the bottom-left could be Moss Man, also somewhat based on movie-concept design. We'll have to wait and find out. Female in the middle may be Teela and on the left side some fans speculate could be Chief Carnivus, with the curved blade and a tail...

Given how the new floating Castle Grayskull is also based on possible movie-concept designs, its not too far fetched to see other elements being used here. (Orko may be a stretch, but I included it here anycase) :P

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