Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Unedited Page Art by Pop Mhan from He-Man the Eternity War #14

Over at his facebook-page, artist Pop Mhan was kind enough to showcase some before-and-after images to what goes into making a He-Man comic.

In the form of the original Black & White art for Page 04 of He-Man the Eternity War #14 that came out January 2016.

Pop's comments:
This is the uncorrected version of the page I posted yesterday. As is a common trait with epic war scenes, sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the characters to highlight and I'll draw the wrong characters from what the script calls for. Or forget to include elements of the story in the page or panel. Kudos to Mattel for keeping me honest! I really love the production support I get on this book.Maybe I'll post more of these so you can see all of the mistakes I've made along the way to the finished product. There were LOTS. :)

You can see many discrepencies such as characters changed and even background altered on the page. Most clear changes being the effects around He-Man's Powersword and helmet covering his entire head.

In here below you can see final page with Mark H. Roberts' colors, the speech-balloons, lettering and logos. 

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